Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie visited Ennis Electric last week to speak at an employee town hall.

Gillespie spent about an hour speaking with Ennis Electric employees about his plans and vision for the state. He discussed his thoughts on the future of business in Virginia, how small and family owned businesses can thrive in the state and his support of apprenticeships.

“At Ennis Electric, we’re a civic-minded company, and we always encourage our employees to make their voices heard at the ballot box,” said Ennis Electric CEO, Kevin Cole. “We appreciated Ed’s visit and invite all candidates to speak with our employees about their plans for the future of Virginia’s job force.”

Employees were given a chance to ask Gillespie questions during the session.

Gillespie’s resume includes founding a bipartisan lobbying firm and a strategic consulting firm, working as a senior communications advisor for the Bush campaign, serving as a chairman for the Republican National Committee and releasing a book, Winning Right.

The business owner joined Cole in touring some of Ennis Electric’s facilities and learning more about the company, which is one of the biggest electrical contractors in the DC metro region.

“We had a great conversation about apprenticeships, which is a topic we’re passionate about here at Ennis Electric,” said Cole. “Apprenticeships are about more than jobs. In our industry, completing an apprenticeship leads to a fulfilling, well-paying career. We believe these types of programs are worth focusing on during this election season.”

Gillespie secured the Republican nomination this month, beating opponent Corey Stewart by about 4,300 votes. He will be running against Democrat and lieutenant governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. 

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