This year, the Haitian population was hit by the devastating force of Hurricane Matthew. While natural disasters of this nature always hit close to home, we have a more personal connection with Haiti.

In 2008, Bill and Debbie Harvey were serving on a mission trip in the country when they unexpectedly came upon 35 homeless children. They were sick, malnourished and living in a dilapidated building with no one to care for them. Most were younger than 10. Many hadn’t eaten in at least three days.

A month later, the Harveys launched Helping Haitian Angels (HHA), a nonprofit focused on providing complete care for the children of Kay Anj D’ayiti™—Angel House of Haiti—in Dekle.

We learned about the organization’s mission and knew our expertise could help the children and those helping to care for them. In 2014, Ennis Electric sent lead electrician David Hauke to contribute wiring and all needed materials to provide electricity for a church, school and multiple family homes in support of HHA. Though the initial work was completed at the time, the organization’s mission stayed with Ennis Electric.

In November, shortly after the hurricane, David and Ryan Ennis returned to Haiti to continue work on the orphanage. Though the two encountered heavy rains and flooding, they continued on to help with repairs and the second phase of electrifying the orphanage facilities. The pictures below show the facilities, some of our work, and Dave and Ryan spending time with the locals.

We’re proud of our Ennis Electric team for continuing on to Haiti, though the conditions were less than ideal. We’re touched by the resilience and sheer willpower of the Haitian people as they fight through the difficulties thrown their way. We’re honored to be part of such an important cause and hope to continue helping the children of Haiti for years to come. Learn more about HHA’s mission here.