From the Ennis Electric Lean Transformation Team:

We exist to build top-of-the-line facilities that employ and educate people, develop new technologies, reflect and expand our culture and help make this country an even better place to live.

We believe our success is dependent on the individual success of our employees. We believe pursuing excellence in ourselves and our work will positively impact those we touch and will be rewarded by those we serve.

Our goals for Profit, Position, Product, Process and People are:

  • To be ranked “Best in Class” in every financial metric used in the construction industry. We also aim to increase our gross margin each year through increased efficiencies and to remain debt free.
  • To become the preferred contractor of owners to the point that 90 percent of our projects are negotiated.
  • To eliminate engineering design consulting firms by designing and building projects ourselves. And once we are awarded a project, we will stay on it forever.
  • We will design, build and maintain the finest buildings in the DC-metro area.
  • To manufacture, assemble, QC, kit and deliver to our work sites 80 percent of all work we do – and do it so well that people from all over the nation visit us to learn more about how we execute our work, hoping to replicate our success.
  • To create an environment that encourages education for all levels of employees. To conduct our own training programs for apprentices, electricians and managers in order to produce employees who are ethical, respectful and enjoy the quality of life that comes only to those with a clear purpose and commitment to excellence. We do this with the hope that through our Employee Ownership Program, we produce as many millionaires as possible.


The Ennis Electric Core Lean Team looks forward to starting the new year with these goals and the exciting times ahead for our company! We’ll continue to post updates on our lean implementation in 2018.