Jonathan Mitz
Vice President

Jonathan has more than 35 years of commercial construction experience and currently serves as Vice President of Ennis Electric. At Ennis Electric, he works closely with the executive team to maintain effective construction and risk management strategies, while also supporting the company’s competitiveness, relevance and profitability in the market.

Jonathan considers his favorite Ennis Electric project to be the Department of the Interior Modernization, saying, “I started the project in 2001 as the project manager for the general contractor, then became Ennis Electric’s principal-in-charge of the project when I joined the Ennis Electric team. This 16-year long, multi-phased, occupied, historic renovation has had so many wonderful people involved, and the collective work has produced an excellent result that all the stakeholders are proud of.”

Jonathan is a competitive traditional archer – accurate from 100 yards of distance – and enjoys playing the darbouka, an Egyptian goblet drum.