Mike Buser has been with Ennis Electric for more than 30 years. He currently serves as a Project Executive with the company. Previously, he served as a Foreman, Superintendent and Project Manager at Ennis Electric.

Mike’s favorite project during his 30 years at Ennis Electric is the National Geospatial Agency’s new Campus East facility at Ft. Belvoir. Mike says: “It was a two billion dollar plus BRAC construction project. The campus-wide fire alarm system is one of the largest in the nation and includes a 2.2 million-square foot main office building. The complexity of this project, combined with the quality personnel on the general contractor’s and owner’s staffs, are the primary reasons why this is one of my favorite projects.”

Mike spends his free time on photography, reading historical documents and driver education events. One fun fact about Mike is that he has driven California’s Laguna Seca Raceway on a bicycle.